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A Gr8 Life Live it Now!

The realisation that “life is NOT a dress rehearsal!” was the inspiration behind Steve’s first book. “A gr8 life…live it now!” encourages readers to think about and make plans for the things they want to do in their lifetime.

We only get one chance at life. It is important that we make the most of it. Too many people wait for a life crisis before making specific plans. Despite knowing that we should make the most of every day, too many of us just get by from one day to another,” says Steve.

The book is easy to read and is different to other self-development books. Rather than providing guidance or advice, this book contains lists of goals to inspire readers to specifically think about the things they would like to do in their lifetime. It is organised in four sections.

Activities I’d like to do

Places I’d like to go

Things I’d like to learn and

The person I’d like to be

Whilst it would be impossible to list all possible goals, the book provides a wide range for readers to select from or be inspired by. Some are extravagant and expensive whilst others are free. Suggestions range from watching an egg hatch or the Serengeti migration in Tanzania to learning how to edit home videos or salsa dance.

Four timeline lists are provided in the book for readers to record their goals. The four sections, this month, this year, this decade and in my lifetime encourage readers to think about what they would really like to do and to make a commitment to a timeline.



First Semester Can Make Or Break You

A newly elected President in the United States has 100 days to have a positive impact, gain momentum and traction. As the new principal YOU have first semester! During the first 100 days (about one semester), people form a lasting impression of you.

Your priority in the first semester is to build some positive momentum and gain some traction and credibility. This is best achieved through some ‘early wins’. But which ones?

‘Wins’ need to be carefully chosen. Change for the sake of change or making a change that fails to show respect to the values, beliefs and hard work of the school community is certain to taint your reputation.

In this e-book, experienced principal Steve Francis provides guidance on what you need to do in the first term to lay the foundations for enduring success.



Attitude is Everything

“Attitude is Everything” is a program designed especially for middle years’ students. Attitude has a huge impact on student success, resilience and relationships. The program assists students to make better choices and develop a positive ‘rippa’ attitude.

Ideally all students in the targeted year level should complete the program as it establishes common, positive language across that year level. As well as individual workbooks, the program includes full colour posters for displaying in classrooms and common areas to reinforce the program’s messages and establish the common language.

The ready-to-use workbook written by Bruce Sullivan and Steve Francis is a stand-alone program. It can be used by the form class teacher for one lesson per week for a term or as a component of a school camp program.

Features that increase the program’s effectiveness:

  • Easy-to-use stand-alone workbook – does NOT rely on reading a Teacher’s Manual
  • Almost NO preparation time
  • Clear, memorable messages
  • Posters reinforce the message and reminds students
  • Establishes common language across the year level
  • Becomes part of the school culture
  • Video clips provided as an optional extra for class use or for students to view at home

For more information on the program click here





Happy School 

Happy School articles are designed to boost staff morale and reduce teacher stress. Each week subscribing schools receive a ready-to-use one page article to share with their staff. The weekly articles provide professional development and practical strategies to reduce stress, cope better with change, work effectively with others and improve their work-life balance.

The articles, written by experts, especially for staff in schools are provided as PDF and WORD files. They can be printed (colour or B&W) or included as part of staff newsemailed to staff, put on noticeboards or included in electronic staff notices.

Staff morale has a HUGE impact on student achievement, relationships within schools and the effective implementation of change. High stress levels have a negative impact and costs the school more in relief staff.

You can reduce stress levels and boost staff morale.  Happier staff mean better results!

Join the hundreds of schools from across Australia. Subscribe now to receive weekly articles to share with ALL staff. Use these weekly professional development articles to BOOST STAFF MORALE and REDUCE TEACHER STRESS.

For more information or a FREE trial click here



Gr8 People Educational resources

The gr8 People range of educational resources help schools to keep it simple and embed the values and general capabilities we aim to develop in our students.

Each month the school promotes one of the ten vital attributes of gr8 people. This consistent message and common language across the school are important in developing the attributes and the school culture.

The attribute of the month is promoted through posters displayed in classrooms and in key areas of the school. Teachers are encouraged to refer to the attributes and the simplified explanations on the posters. Other materials including bookmarks, stickers and pencils are also available to promote each attribute.

Ready to use assembly items and newsletter articles for the ten attributes are also available in the Principal’s Resource Pack.

There are NO additional lessons to be taught. The gr8 people resources align existing programs such as values education and human relationships education with the general capabilities of the curriculum and current approaches to teaching.

The aim is to keep it simple and convey a consistent message.

For more information or order gr8 people resources click here 


surveySurvey My School

SurveyMySchool has been specifically designed to support the leadership team to IMPROVE schools. The interactive format of the surveys identifies specific issues and potential solutions. The fastest way to improve your school and boost staff, parent and student satisfaction is to identify and address the problems that annoy and frustrate people.

School opinion surveys that only provide data have VERY LIMITED use. Whilst data alone is helpful it can be misinterpreted and isn’t helpful if you don’t know what people’s specific concerns are.

SurveyMySchool is interactive. Respondents who express dissatisfaction with an aspect of the school are asked clarifying questions to provide further detail about their concern and potential solutions. The survey report provides useful information to improve the school and increase the satisfaction of staff, parents and students.

SurveyMySchool instuments are available for gathering feedback, areas for improvement and commendations from STAFF, PARENTS and PRIMARY and SECONDARY STUDENTS.

For more information click here.


survey2Survey My Class

Formative feedback from students should be utilised to provide a clear focus for teachers to reflect on their teaching with the aim of increasing student engagement. Student surveys provide invaluable feedback to teachers about what is working in their classroom and what isn’t. Effective teachers utilise the feedback to improve their teaching. Regular student feedback should be an integral part of school improvement.

Students are at the centre of most decisions in schools. Increasing student engagement and the effectiveness of the teaching program are at the core of our work. Survey My Class provides teachers with formative feedback directly from their students. It is recommended that the survey be undertaken at the end of each term.

The summary report provides feedback to the teacher through data and specific examples. The feedback is specifically designed to help the class teacher to refine their teaching practise to increase the engagement of their students and the effectiveness of their teaching.

Students receive an email with a link to a survey to provide feedback for each of their teachers. The students complete the survey online in class or at home. This takes 10-15 minutes. At the end of the week the results are collated and a report emailed to the teacher of that class. The report is provided within 48 hours of the survey closing.

Surveys have been specifically designed for Primary students (from Year 4) and Secondary students.

For more information click here