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Professional Learning for School Leadership Teams

with Steve Francis

Professional Learning for School Leadership Teams

A professional learning program for school leadership teams is being offered for clusters of schools. The cumulative program is designed to build leadership effectiveness and density and is presented by experienced Principal and Leadership Development expert Steve Francis.

  • 4 Half days over a semester or year
  • Designed for leadership teams from a cluster of schools to experience the same professional learning TOGETHER as a leadership team
  • Each half day covers 1 or 2 leadership topics (selected from the below list)
  • Lunch on arrival

Contact Steve Francis on 0421 705 693 or steve@stevefrancis.net.au for more information or to discuss a tailored program for your cluster.


The program will be developed according to the needs of the cluster of schools from the following list.


7 Strategies for Motivating and Engaging Students10 Things Great School Leaders Do Differently

This session examines 10 practices that researchers have identified that great school leaders do, that other school leaders don’t. The difference between more effective school leaders and their less effective colleagues is not what they know, it’s what they do.


Helping TeachersHelping Teachers Be the Best They Can Be

Establishing processes for providing feedback to teachers is a vital aspect of improved performance in schools. However giving teacher’s feedback is not part of the culture in most schools. This session looks at research and models from around the world.


identifying-and-utilising-your-strengthsIdentifying and Utilising Your Strengths

Identifying, understanding and utilising your strengths is important. In preparation for the session, participants complete the StrengthsFinder 2.0 self-assessment. In the session participants are debriefed and discuss their strengths and examine how their strengths are evident in their role and contribute to effective teamwork.


leading-an-effective-change-processLeading An Effective Change Process

Schools are in a constant phase of change. There are 5 reasons why change processes fail and can be avoided. School leaders need to know and cater for the predictable stages of concern. We’ll examine change leadership models that should be used to successfully guide change initiatives.


effective-teamwork-in-schoolEffective Teamwork in Schools

Teamwork is essential. The better that people work together and are aligned, the better outcomes the school will achieve. There are four 4 key aspects of the Effective Teams model. Missing one aspect has a massive impact on team effectiveness. What do your teams do well and what needs attention?


difficult-conversationsDifficult Conversations

Few leaders enjoy having difficult conversations. Yet conversations are important and can have a huge impact on school and leader effectiveness. In this session we unpack 4 models as frameworks for important conversations. Each model serves a different purpose. We’ll unpack the four models and explore how they apply to the challenges we face in schools.


Kindergarten teacher reading to children in library7 Strategies for Motivating and Engaging Students

Teaching is more demanding than ever before! Many students have short attention spans, are disinterested and disengaged from learning. Motivating and engaging students can be challenging. In this session Steve unpacks with leaders the 7 strategies their teachers must implement to engage their students.


boost-staff-morale-as-a-leaderBoosting Staff Morale as a Leader

Low staff morale has an impact on school culture and student achievement. Good communication, clear decision making processes, recognition, difficult conversations and good old fashioned people skills are the keys to building staff morale. We’ll explore and apply 6 strategies and the associated behaviours.


time-management-for-leaders-in-schoolsTime Management for Leaders in Schools

Working in schools is complex and challenging. In 2018 even more will be expected of you! This practical workshop has been especially developed for school leaders and applies the best ‘time management’ practices. You will leave with skills, knowledge and tools to be more efficient and effective.


improving-your-work-life-balanceImproving YOUR Work-Life Balance

Working in schools can be challenging. This session will help school leaders unpack the key strategies for improving their work-life balance in the important work they do. Achieving WORK-LIFE balance may be challenging but avoiding burn out is essential!


squeezed-leading-from-the-middleSqueezed – Leading From the Middle

Being a middle leader is challenging! Often middle leaders are squeezed from above as well as from below. Leading from the middle requires a fine balance of skills – influencing up as well as leading others.



Differentiating LeadershipDifferentiating Leadership

Leaders should differentiate their leadership style to suit the people they are leading. This session focuses on choosing the correct leadership style to suit the needs of the situation and the people being lead. Should you be Directing, Coaching, Supporting or Delegating?


behaviours-that-build-trustBehaviours That Build Trust

Schools are undoubtedly people places and trust is at the heart of all relationships. Building Trust is a vital skill all school leaders need! This session looks at our credibility as leaders in schools and the 13 behaviours that Covey advocates build trust.


Understanding YOUR Leadership Style

Participants use LSI to reflect on their thinking and leadership styles. The debriefing session and supporting workbook increases self-awareness and helps each participant identify strategies for increasing helpful strategies and reducing less helpful approaches. 360 feedback option also available.

An additional cost of $140 per participant includes a self-development workbook to implement further professional development in the area identified.